Smart 3D Modeling

How many changes do we make during the construction and why we make them?

How much they cost in time and money?

How much waste is being left during construction?

Exactly how much material do we need of everything?

Does the construction ends when it was planned to be finished?

Do everyone works with the same updated information?

How many problems do we have because of communication issues?

What happens after the construction is finished?

How do we manage the building once is finished?

Does the construction matches with the original plans?

This are some questions I try to solve with an intelligent based 3DBIM(Building Information Modeling) model of the building.

A real, updated,shareable 3D model with the same information for contractors,engineers,owners,architects,specialists and everyone involved in the project.

Architectural Design

Owning a property is a huge investment and build something on it is for our entire lives, that's why it's so important to get the most out of what the earth, nature and land offer us.

Once the construction is finished the expenses begin: light, water, heat, air conditioning, food and so on. So why not rely more on the land we live and on the free energy that is given to us daily? why not make a productive site instead of a useless-wasting site?

By growing our own food: fruits and vegetables,fish or eggs, collecting rainwater, use passive solar and wind techniques and manage waste, we can reduce our expenses,reduce our daily stress in our lives and increase our health. That´s why we need to plan carefully the design of the whole system.

So to achieve a modern, aesthetic,practical,sustainable house or building you will need a good design wich will include the following:

-Energy Analysis
-Architectural and Constructive plans for the construction
-3D model of the house or building

This is what I offer.

BIM(Building Information Modeling)

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