What is the first thing that we imagine or comes to mind when we think of the word hospital?
Everyone can think different things, but normally what we associate with this place is: illness, cold and boring place, labyrinth, difficult situations, in summary, a place that we do not like to go to or do not like to be in, we go to it out of necessity, for a problem that we need to solve, we could say that we are going because we are forced to go either to visit someone or to treat ourselves of something, basically we do not like being there.
So, starting from this fact, getting there and seeing more people in trouble, sick people, injured people, etc., creates a difficult and not very pleasant atmosphere of tension. The most experienced feeling in a hospital from the patient´s point of view and their relatives is usually of tension, worry and stress. Obviously there are some situations like giving birth to a child, which is a great reason for happiness, but ultimately the process always carries feelings of concern and tension.
Taking this into account, we might consider that the interior environment, the interior design, colors, materials, etc. of a hospital, influence people who visit it whether it is positively or negatively, for good or ill, but generally, the interior of a hospital does not help much because they are usually cold, white and boring places.
However, studies have found that these interior environment can affect patients´ health.
"Upali Nanda,who has a doctorate in architecture with a specialization in health-care systems and design, says scientific studies show that art can aid in the recovery of patients, shorten hospital stays and help manage pain. But she says it has to be the right art - vivid paintings of landscapes, friendly faces and familiar objects can lower blood pressure and heart rate, while abstract pictures can have the opposite effect.
Nanda has the theory that art allows patients to project their own anxieties onto the image. Thus, pictures that clearly portray pleasant images are more soothing."
"If you are under stress and anxiety, if you see an image that is ambiguous, you interpret it negatively."
I´m not saying that art can cure the diseases, but definitely it can help improve the patient. Consciously or unconsciously, the environment in which we are, affects us. It's like when the day is sunny or rainy. If all day has been raining or cloudy, we usually feel more like staying in the house and not leaving. However, when the day is sunny and pleasant, it incites us and gives us more desire to go out.